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 Band Title Album Label
  Powerwolves  You Won't Find Peace  You Won't Find Peace  Panic Records 
  Hellhorse  Pig  Decade Of Dust  Twelve Gauge Records 
  Power  Singing And Screaming  Death Haunts  Twelve Gauge Records 
  Forty Winters  Abominable Times  Reflection  Dead Truth Recordings 
  By A Thread  Between The Takes  S/T  Revelation Records 
  Absolution  Armed With Anger  TBA  Livewire Records 
  Skull Crusher  Ice Age  TBA  Livewire Records 
  Sick Of It All  Death Or Jail  Based On A True Story  Think Fast! Records 
  Ghost Thrower  I Never Damned You  Get Miserable EP  Equal Vision Records 
 10  Take Offense  Power In Our Hands  Tables Will Turn  Reaper Records 
 11  Run With The Hunted  Magna Cum Laude  Self Titled  Panic Records 
 12  All Teeth  Oh Disposable Me  Young Love  Panic Records 
 13  Late Nite Wars  Bones  Who's Going To Miss You If You Go?  Panic Records 
 14  The Saddest Landscape  So Lightly Thrown  You Will Not Survive  Panic Records 
 15  Revenge  Sleep Deprivation  Frustrations  Frequency Deleted 
 16  Boys No Good  So Far Gone  Never Felt Better  Indianola Records 
 17  Casey Jones  Hammer The Nails  I Hope We're Not The Last  The First Division 
 18  This Routine Is Hell  The Weight Of Defeat  The Verve Crusade  Get Outta Town Records 
 19  Raindance  Riverbed  Love Under The Sun  Glory Kid Records 
 20  Hammerfist  Climbing Knife Mountain  Dead Dreams  Ghost Town 
 21  Smoke And Mirrors  Dr. Doom  The Ghost Army  Path Less Traveled / Superhero 
 22  Counterpunch  March Of The Paper Tiger  Dying To Exonerate The World  Go-kart Records 
 23  Anchor  Atlantis  The Singles Collection  State Of Mind 
 24  Reviver  Undefined  Potential Wasteland  State Of Mind 
 25  Soldiers  Unscarred  Hit The Bricks  State Of Mind 
 26  Compound  Just One  The Inaugural Demo  State Of Mind 
 27  This Day Will Tell  Sweet Dreams, Meet You There  Too True To Be Good  Indianola Records 
 28  Make It Reign  Kiss The Dead  Sound Asleep As The World Burns  Dead Truth Recordings 
 29  Down To Nothing  Where It Went (JUDGE)  Past Present  Revelation Records 
 30  Dusted Angel  Seeking The Dawn  Earth-Sick Mind  Mankind 

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